Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Water to Wine - A Reflection

It is striking that Jesus' first miracle took place at an event of celebration. There are several possible reasons as to why Jesus chose this time to perform his first miracle. Perhaps it was to help instill faith in his newly selected disciples -- John 2:11 tells us this was the result of the miracle. Perhaps he felt compassion for the new couple, wanting to spare embarrassment at what should have been a carefree event. I believe, though, there is another reason with consequences that are more far-reaching than that: He did it to validate mothers for all generations.

You see, ever since they turned 18, my children feel there is no reason they should listen to anything I say. They felt I had nothing I could teach them for several years before that, of course, but now they were 18 -- legally adults. Any suggestion I might make would be met with "that" look and the response, "I am over 18, Mom."

But think about it, why did Jesus change the water into wine? Because his mama wanted him to, that's why. And he was 30, mind you, a great deal beyond 18. And besides that, he was God Incarnate -- there really was nothing Mary knew that he didn't already know. Still he did it when he didn't really want to, just because she asked.

I wish I had come to this realization years ago. Do you think it will convince my kids?

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