Monday, October 20, 2008

The Monk Chronicles: John 1 Summary

That blasted man is making me do a summary poem for each chapter now! He says that it will help me pull more important things from the chapter, and that I will make a greater connection to what I read by doing this. Well, there nothing to do but force myself through this…

Jesus, is there a way I could know you upon sight?
To look upon your face, know that my faith is right?
Is there some magical, God-like thing
You do to know my soul’s inner being?
Or is it simply because you are the Lamb,
The Holy One before whom I stand?
Does your innocence and unearthly grace
Lend you the ability to look upon my sinful face?
How can you call me a true Christian,
When I’m the one living in dissension?
And then when I believe in you
Because of the belief you’ve shown in me,
You tell me that there is still much to see.

Brother Henrich
1 of October
This Year of our Lord 1507

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