Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cana Miracle

I find it exhilarating and awe inspiring how the Spirit works in our lives. As I was reading this chapter in John, I had no idea how my drawing would be formed.
But I noticed, probably for the first time, that it talked about the six large water jars being containers that the Jews used for ceremonial washing purposes. Jesus used them to transform lives by taking the water and changing it into wine--symbolic of his blood that truly cleanses, not just ceremonially so. Also, the comment from the master of ceremonies about the good wine now versus the cheap wine before relates to the truth of Jesus compared to the traditions of the Jews coming before. Another thing I thought of was the idea that this miracle happened at a wedding--true transformation takes place at the wedding of the bridegroom (Jesus) and the bride (the Church).

In my drawing the six small empty circles represent the small thinking of the Jews and the six large wine colored circles represent the fullness of the blessings of God through Christ. The large circles also hint at the forms of red blood cells--symbolized by the wine in communion. There is a lot in this miracle. One of the other things we talked about in our study was that Jesus did this miracle as a service to the wedding party and he did it quietly, humbly and without fanfare. The disciples saw and believed. Can we go out and do the same? (Serve quietly, humbly and without fanfare?)

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