Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What the Well Saw (John 4:1-42)

How many footsteps?
How many voices?
How many jars of water?

Looking for that which eludes them,
yet not knowing what to seek.
Always thirsty.

Drinking water that does not quench,
Yearning to be restored,
No longer enchained.

Listen -- Do you not hear?
Stop -- Do you not feel it?
Creation trembles.

Creator visiting the created,
Showing the way,
Calling us home.

Listen to his voice,
Drink his water,

See Life Clearly
John 4:1-26

Several things are interesting in this passage, first that Jesus introduces the conversation by asking for water. This provokes a response from the woman, which is exactly what Jesus wanted. Water to drink. Think about how satisfying a complete drink of water is. It is refreshing, but more than that, when one is dehydrated, water helps one to see more clearly. The woman could offer only temporary relief for a dry mouth and all she had tried to do to satisfy her longings, including the desire for love with multiple partners never quite keeps her satisfied. The water that Jesus offers brings complete satisfaction and it opens our eyes to what the world and God are really like. Like the woman, we begin to see life clearly when we accept the living water--we thirst no more. "Sir, I can see…" Can we?