Monday, October 20, 2008

The Monk Chronicles: John 2 Summary

Maybe that infernally blasted man is making me do these as a way of prolonging my torture. Well, it makes no difference, I still have to do them…

In the beginning, you changed water into wine.
In the end, you said to remember your blood through wine.
At the end, your blood was mixed with water.
In the beginning, a Samaritan woman asked you for water.
And now, I ask for that everlasting water.
I drink in remembrance of you that wine.
And I celebrate having been washed in your blood.

But I worry that I cannot carry your zeal
With me into this life, this body, this spirit.
Will I have the courage to ask you
Or the strength needed to take up my whip
And drive out those who profane your name?
Lord, let zeal for you consume me
And may I always believe in your name.

Brother Henrich
15 of October
This Year of our Lord 1507

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