Thursday, October 23, 2008

Into His Heart

As long as I do the inviting, I am the host.
The control is mine, the power is mine.
How can I ask him into my heart?
I cannot contain him.
Instead, let me be engulfed in him.
Swallowed whole.
Is that why he chose water?
At that moment, all control, all power is lost --
Helpless as I have always been but was too proud,
or busy, or foolish to even realize.
Mired in the cesspool of "self" control
but oblivious to my own predicament.
Here, suspended between heaven and earth
I surrender all control, I realize my own helplessness,
I make myself completely vulnerable.
I can do nothing.
But, I trust in his goodness, I trust his power to save,
and so I allow myself to be lost in him.
I accept the invitation of my host as he asks
me into his heart.
I let go, pour everything out,
and he fills me to overflowing.
He is in my heart.
I in him, and he in me.

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