Friday, February 12, 2010

Waiting in Silence

From the Feb 10 class:

Having done my usual lack of preparation and confounded at the fact that I had not come up with anything creative, I found myself indicted by the first line of Psalm 62:

"For God alone my soul waits in silence . . ." (ESV)

I have not done much waiting for God, much less in silence. And, of course, if we want God to reveal anything meaningful to us it is pretty much a requirement than we stop long enough to listen. This is something I have been trying to correct in my life as of late (with marginal success).

The NIV does not use the word silence, opting for the word "rest" instead (I think). I went ahead and read all the different versions on Bible Gateway, and I think the word silence best portrays the intent David had. So, going along with the theme of "waiting in silence" combine with the direction of "Selah" given between stanzas, I thought of alternating periods of silence with the stanzas. I made an mp3 of a reading of Psalm 62, starting with 30 seconds of silence before the first stanza, with two more 30-second periods of silence between each additional stanza. In the periods of silence, if your mind wanders, concentrate on your breathing and relaxing the muscles in your shoulders, your face and jaw, your arms, etc.

Unfortunately, you cannot post an mp3 to Blogger, but you can post a video. So, I made a slide show video with the reading as the background audio. You can watch the slides, or close your eyes, but take 3 minutes to wait before God.

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