Friday, February 13, 2009

One Flock, One Shepherd, One Man

John chapters 10 and 11 bring up and interesting parallel. At the beginning of chapter 10, Jesus is talking about the good shepherd as one who really cares for the flock. In fact he lays down his life for the sheep--and they know it. They recognize it and will come to no one else. The end of chapter 11 has the high priest Caiaphas prophesying about Jesus' death and its effects on spreading the Kingdom of God. Caiaphas' intent was that Jesus' sacrifice would appease the Roman government and keep the Jews from incurring the wrath of breaking Roman peace by following Jesus. Jesus had spoken about false shepherds in chapter 10. The high priest of the Jews was supposed to be a shepherd of the flock, yet he was willing to run when times got tough. Jesus did indeed die and through his death, he brought salvation to not only the Jews but to believing people from all over the world. I'm one of those sheep. Halelujah.

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